Why Counseling?

How often do we think about taking care of our mental and emotional health?

We go to the doctor regularly to maintain our physical wellness. We go to the dentist regularly to maintain our oral health. We nurture our spiritual wellbeing by attending regular church services. But, how often do we think about making a regular appointment with a mental health counselor to nurture our mental and emotional wellbeing?

Mental Health Counseling is not just for the treatment of mental disorders. Counseling is a way you achieve in all areas of our lives. Needing to make healthy lifestyle choices can be challenging if underlying emotional and mental stressors are not addressed.

Why does Hope Restored Counseling of Florida offer both nutrition and behavioral health counseling services?

Unhealthy dietary habits often lead to chronic health issues (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.). Lifestyle changes are needed to avoid and/or manage these diseases. We believe there is an element of unresolved mental health issues that often keep individuals from making necessary healthy lifestyle changes, especially when it comes to weight loss. Often our culture only addresses the obvious issues, too much food, and does not address the underlying issues that result in individuals using food to cope with stress, emotions, and boredom.

It’s time to invest in your overall mental, physical, and spiritual health!